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General Courthouse and Area Records

Published by the Yoder Family Newsletter, Goshen, Indiana
Data copyrighted by Christopher Yoder 1992,1994, 1998, 2000, and 2003
These files contain a collection of Yoder family data which has been
assembled since 1983 by the Yoder Newsletter (YNL), (P O Box 594,
Goshen, IN 46527 for Subscription information). For content update,
write Chris Yoder, 203 Lakeshire Rd., Battle Creek, MI 49015 or email
at We apologize in advance for any
typographical errors in this work. Please help us correct and extend
any of the information in these records.

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The South Pfaltz line of the Joder Family-- residing in Weissenburg, Sankt Germannshof, Salzwoog, Horbacherhof, Vogelstockerhof, Albersweiler

From the collected reserach of the late Karl Joder and Otmar Jotter. (notes added from the LDS microfiche records)

J-Casper Joder (son of Jost Joder and Anna Trachsel) b 1660 in Steffisburg, Switzerland. m 1/21/1681 Verena Stauffer of Steffisburg. (Per Hermann Guth, by 1708 was residing on the estate of St.Germanshof on the German boarder with Alsace. "They have nine children and are also listed in nearby Weiler as well-to-do (Begutert)")
Children all born Steffisburg, Switzerland:
J1- Anna b. 4/16/1682 Steffisburg, died as child
J2- Anna-Ottilie b. 5/20/1683 Steffisburg m. Antoni Stauffer
J3- Anna-Maria b. 5/20/1683 Steffisburg m. Hans Steinmann
J4- Barbara b. 1/4/1684 Steffisburg m. died as child
+J5- Joahnn (Hans) b 10/24/1686 m. Catherine Esch (Oesch)
+J6- Christian b 2/15/1691 m. Anna Mary Clauss
+J7- Caspar b 9/1/1695 m. Magdalene Gingerich
J8- Peter b 2/18/1700 m. Barbara Eichelberger
J9- Barbara b 10/29/1703 m. Georg Gingerich

J5- Hans Joder b 10/24/1686 in Steffisburg, Switzerland
married to Katharina Oesch,remained after his father at St. Germanshof
J51- Veronica b. 1707 m Johann Eichelberger
(Das Ehepaar Johann Eichelberger und seine Frau Veronica Joder
wohnten spater auf einer Muhle in Waldhambach und anschliessend
eine Muhle in Vorderweidenthal)
+J52- Jacob b. 1708 Sankt Germanshof Weissenburg
J53- Ullrich b. 1710 ?? To USA (?1749)
J54- Johannes b. son still in Palatinate as of 1806- per letter
by nephew Samuel

J52- Jacob Joder b. 1708 m. Anni Esch. Jacob is am 10 Oktober 1752
auf dem Haxthauserhof verstorben. (Archiv-Abteilung 65/Nr.2095
Blatt 202)
J521- Ullrich b. 1736 auf dem Haxthuserhof- Gemeinde- Ingelheim-
im Obert Oppenheim am Rhein
J522- Johann-Hans b. 1737 auf dem Haxthauserhof
J523- Veronica b. 1741 " "
+J524-- Samuel b. 1740 " "
J525- Peter b. 1745 " "
J526- Catherin b. 1750 " "

J524- Samuel Joder (YRC) b.July 1740 auf dem Haxthauserhof- Gemiende
Nieder- Ingelheim (Amt Oppenheim am Rhein) m. Maria Guengerich
(who died in Romersburg- Hessen Waldeck)
Samuel Yoder was a Amish Mennonite Bishop in Waldeck
+J5241- Jakob b July 1768 auf dem Haxthauserhof
J5242- Anna b 5/24/1772 " "
J5243- Helen b. Okt. 1774 " " (died 1810)
m. (w1) Johann Schettler
J5244- Catherin b. 6/10/1777 Heidelbacher Muhle (Waldeck)
J5245- Maria b. 1/31/1780 " "
m. (w2) b. Johann Schettler
J5246- Barbara b. June 1783 Weizendorfer Muhle
J5247- Christian b. 1786/7
J5248- Michael b 1788 Weizendorfer Muhle (Waldek) (YRC8-see US records)

J5241- Jakob Joder b July 1768 auf dem Haxthauserhof m. Catherine
Gingerich of Leierhof--Gemeinde Finthen--huete ein Vorort von Mainz.
Dem Ehepar wurde am 5/18/1815 eine Tocher geboren mit Namen
Catherine (siehe Standeamt Finthen). Diese catherine Yoder ist am
17 Mai 1846 in Ginsweiler verstorben. Sie war verheiratet mit dem am
16 August 1807 auf Wilensteinerhof--Gemeinde Trippstadt--geborenen
und am 12 Mai 1846 zu Ginsweiler verstorben Christian Imhof.
Eine Tochter aus diese Ehe (Elisabeth Imhof b 22 Dez. 1845 auf dem
Naumbergerhof) was verheiratet am 26 August 1869 mit Johannes Beutler.


J6- Christian Joder b. 2/15/1691 in Steffisburg- Switzerland
m Anna Maria Clauss (daughter Ullrich Clauss of Interlaken).
Lived Salzwoogerhof-Gemeinde Lemberg/Pirmasens. Christian Joder was
the Amish Mennonite Bishop of the Fronschburg area.
J61- Veronika b 1730 m 1755 Georg Gungerich the miller of
the mill at Eusserthal. Daughter Catharina (who m1 Jakob Muller
from Munsterhof by Dreissen, m2 Rudilf Kennel)
+J62- Christian b 1732 b Salzwoogerhof
J63- Barbara b 1734

J62- Christian Joder m Maria Steinmann ( -4/18/1808) (daughter of Hans-
Jakob Steinmann-Interlaken). Amish Mennonite Bishop in Annweiler.
+J621- Daniel b 1760 Horbacherhof near Hinterweidelthal
J622- Veronika b 1764 Horbacherhof m Georg Gingerich who
was b in Pfaltzhof by Dernbach. Lived Vogelstockerhof
+J623- Heinrich b 5/23/1774 of Horbacherhof
+J624- Josef b 7/15/1776 of Horbacherhof

J621- Daniel Joder m Katharine Eicher (b. Horbacherhof -2/9/1820)
d 1/26/1822 Vogelstockerhof (Die Familie Daniel Joder hatte ihren
Wohnsitz auf dem Vogelstockerhof- Gemeinde Eusserthal)
J6211- Daniel b 1792
J6211- Margret b. 1792 (Twins)
+J6212- Jakob-Johann b 1/23/1794
+J6213- David b 8/12/1795
+J6214- Peter b 5/3/1803

J6212- Jakob-Johann Joder m Katharina Walti of Niederrodern.
Lived Vogelstockerhof near Hinterweidenthal.
+J62121- Jakob-Peter b 1817
+J62122- Daniel b 2/23/1822
+J62123- Peter b 11/4/1827
+J62124- David b 2/9/1835

J62121- Jakob-Johann Joder m (per LDS 12/13/1846 m St Maria Catholic Chruch,
Landau) Magdalene Hauser of Bellheim. Resided Vogelstockerhof near Eusserthal.
(children chr. St Maria's)
J621211- Margarete b 3/8/1846 m (per LDS 4/13/1867) Peter Scheib
of Rechtenbach (Child: Jakob-12/17/1878) Lived Landau
J621212- Elisabeth b 3/13/1848 m (per LDS 1/18/1870) Anton Hirsch
-(per LDS- chr. at St Maria Catholic Church, Landau:
Barbara chr- 21 Feb 1858
Catharina chr- 3 Feb 1850
Joannes chr- 1 May 1853
Ludovicus chr- 16 Mar 1856

J62122- Daniel Joder m 1/19/1854 Magdalene Matz (11/30/1831 Dernbach- )
(daughter of Philipp Matz and Barbara Menges). Pfalzhof near Dernbach.
J621221- Maria b 9/23/1854 m ___ Schneider
J621222- Magdalene b 8/1/1857 m Ludwig Grosshans of Siebeldingen
Children: Magdalene-4/2/1882; Barbara-3/16/1884; Jakob-6/27/1886
Ludwig-11/12/1888; Heinrich-9/21/1892; Maria-7/19/1890; Daniel-
4/2/1895; Karl-2/10/1901. Lived Albersweiler.
J621223- Margarete b 9/17/1859 m Nicolas Weilacher of Dernbach,
d 8/19/1934. Lived Dernbach. Children: Jakob-4/1/1886; Georg
-6/30/1888; Katharine-9/29/1890; Elisabeth- 4/25/1893; Karl-
3/20/1895; Frieda- 7/20/1897; Margarete-10/19/1899; Nicolaus-
+J621224- Heinrich b 3/3/1862
J621225- Barbara b 2/6/1864 m Jakob Weilacher, lived Dernbach
J621226- Daniel b 6/4/1867 d 4/17/1868

J621224- Heinrich Joder m 5/8/1888 Magdalene Beroset of Dernbach.
d 9/28/1927 Lived Pfalzhof.
J6212241- Anna-Maria b 4/18/1889 m Jakob Theur of Dammheim by
J6212242- Magdalene b 7/18/1891 m Jakob Weilacher (son of
Nicolaus Weiler and Margarete Joder) Lived Pfalzhof by Dernbach

J62123- Peter Joder m Katharina Orth of Ludwigswinkel. d 12/8/1896. Resided
Ludwigswinkel in Pfalz.
J621231- Magdalene b 4/14/1860 m Jakob Jagle of Ludwigswinkel
d 11/11/1922. (Children: Barbara- 3/5/1882; Magdalene-
4/16/1884; Karoline- 7/12/1886; Katharine- 2/20/1888; Jakob-
6/3/1892; Maria- 8/2/1894; Heinrich- 7/28/1897; Luise- 8/2/1898
lived Ludwigswinkel)
+J621232- Jakob b 10/21/1871 d 1942
+J621233- Peter b 6/29/1874
J621233- Friedrike b moved to US
J621234- Theresia b moved to US

J621232- Jakob Joder m Barbara Jagle of Ludwigswinkel. d 9/11/1942.
+J6212321- Jakob b 8/13/1901
J6212322- Georg b 6/10/1903
J6212323- Ludwig b 2/9/1905
J6212324- Emilie b 12/31/1908 m Konrad Hornung (children:
Marliese- 7/24/1934; Hans-Rudi- 8/18/1936)
J6212325- Elfriede b 9/2/1912 m 9/26/1936 Otmar Klar of
Ludwigswinkel (child: Elstraude-5/4/1941)

J6212321- Jakob Joder m Anna Salzmann of Petersbachel. Lived Ludwigswinkel.
J62123211- Elisabeth b 12/13/1932
J62123212- Erich b 5/17/1934
J62123213- Erika b 4/10/1939

J621233- Peter Joder m Friederike Haas. Lived Pirmasens.
+J6212331- Peter b 4/26/1904
J6212332- Fritz b 5/22/1910
J6212333- Frieda b
J6212334- Rosa b 3/16/1906 m August Krebs (children: Friede,
Peter, Rose, Fritz, Emil, Elsa, Erna)
J6212335- Emil b Lived Pirmasens
J6212336- Elsa b 6/22/1914 m 9/10/1932 Kurt Schneider
J6212337- Erna b

J6212331- Peter Joder m Luise Schule. Lived Pirmasens.
J62123311- Elsa b 11/2/1929
J62123312- Henny b 10/10/1930
J62123313- Rosa b 10/21/1938
J62123314- Peter b 4/19/1940
J62123315- Renate b 8/30/1945

J62124- David Joder m 4/19/1866 Dernbach to Margarete Matz (1/8/1843 Dernbach-
) (daughter f Philipp Matz and Barbara Menges)
d 3/12/1893. Resided Vogelstockerhof.
J621241- Peter b 5/18/1866 d 6/3/1866
J621242- Maria b 2/2/1867 m Carl Kall
+J621243- David b 10/28/1868
J621244- Margarete b 12/20/1870 m Konrad Nagle of Albersweiler
d 4/29/1944 Child: David- 2/11/1899
+J621245- Heinrich b 9/24/1873 Dernbach
J621246- Daniel b m ? Had daughter Sofie b 1909 in
+J621247- Peter b 2/25/1883 at Pfalzhof by Dernbach

J621243- David Joder m Amalie Mosel d 4/21/1944. Lived Saarbrucken.
+J6212431- Jakob-David b 6/2/1903
+J6212432- Daniel b 1/13/1905
J6212433- Luise b 4/14/1906 m Fritz Blandfort
J6212434- Jda b 9/28/1908 m August Wintz-children not known
J6212435- Margarete b 8/8/1909 m Arnold Knauber
J6212436- Emma b 4/10/1911 m Fritz Schmitt -had three
children, names not known
J6212437- Wilhelmine b 10/27/1912 m Emil Schafer- 5 children
J6212438- Josef b 6/23/1915
J6212439- Gertrude b 8/28/1920 m Peter Schmitt

J6212431- Jakob Joder m Katharine Blandfort. Lived Saarbrucken.
J62124311- Heinrich b 12/27/1929
J62124312- Erika b 3/11/1938
J62124313- Marlene b 8/24/1943

J6212432- Daniel Joder m Margarete Kuchta. Lived Saarbrucken.
J62124321- Karlheinz b 1/16/1929
J62124322- Horst b 2/19/1930

J621245- Heinrich Joder m Katharina Eyer. Lived Albersweiler.
J6212451- Eugen b 9/29/1905
J6212452- Erna b m Gotz
J6212453- Emma b 5/5/1910 m Otto Dreyer (Troyer) of Landau (children:
Gerhrad- 8/23/1933; Jnge- 6/30/1935) Lived Landau

J621247- Peter Joder m Katharina Leisung. Lived Ludwigshafen.
+J6212471- Willi b 7/15/1910
J6212472- Friede b 10/12/1912 m Reinhard Fahner (children-
Brigitte; Helga; Emil) lived Obrigheim on the Neckar
+J6212473- Peter b 11/5/1916
+J6212474- Hermann b 11/13/1919
J6212475- Ruth b 9/16/1930 m Heinrich Heck of
Hassmersheim (children: Gabriele-10/4/1949; Ulrike-5/19/1954;
Bernhard-12/23/1961; Susanna-12/10/1963) lived Hassmersheim

J6212471- Willi Joder m Erna Gaab of Mutterstadt. Lived Mutterstadt.
J62124711- Kathe b 11/17/1934
J62124712- Willi b 9/3/1941

J6212474- Hermann Joder m Marianne Klein. Lived Ludwigshafen.
J62124741- Margit-Ursula b 2/15/1941

J6212473- Peter Joder m Barbara Wickles. Lived Ludwigshafen.
J62124731- Rolf b 7/27/1937
J62124732- Lilli b 9/15/1938
J62124733- Peter b 8/9/1941
J62124734- Bernd b 2/26/1947

J6213- David Joder m 11/14/1833 Susanna Walti (5/6/1803 Niederrodern- by
Weissenburg, France- 1/11/1872 Vogelstockerhof) d 4/20/1868. Lived Albersweiler.
All children born Alberweiler.
+J62131- Daniel b 10/14/1836
+J62132- Heinrich b 3/1/1839
J62133- Susanna b 2/7/1843 d 8/2/1849
+J62134- Jakob b 1/23/1846

J62131- Daniel Joder m Margarete Carius. She was the daughter of Friedrich Carius and
his wife Magdalene _____, Lived Albersweiler.
J621311- Daniel b Went to US
J621312- Katharine b Went to US
(per LDS- Catharina chr. 8 Jan 1871 Albersweiler Catholic Church)
+J621313- Jakob b 4/5/1864 d 6/22/1909
(per LDS- Elisabetha chr. 28 Apr 1867 Albs. RC Church)
(per LDS- Magdalena chr. 24 Mar 1875 Albers RC Church)

J621313- Jakob Joder m Katharina Welacher of Dernbach. d 6/22/1909 in Albersweiler.
+J6213131- Jakob b 10/16/1889
+J6213132- Karl b 8/3/1893

J6213131- Jakob Joder m Wilhemine Hoffman. Res Albersweiler
J62131311- Johanna b 6/14/1918 m Helmut Schonlaub of

J6213132- Karl Joder m Maria Hieb. Res. Albersweiler.
J62131321- Berthold b 5/15/1923 gefallen 1944
J62131322- Edmund b 7/5/1925 gefallen 1944

J62132- Heinrich Joder m 7/27/1865 Elisabeth Held (10/11/1841- 9/16/1918) (She was
the daughter of Jakob Held and Katharina Schweppenhauser) d 11/17/1921 Lived
+J621321- Heinrich b 8/27/1865
+J621322- David b 1/22/1867
J621323- Julianne b 5/7/1868
J621324- Jakob b ? d 1914
J621325- Barbara b 6/14/1870 m Karl Rebenack d 5/25/1950
(Children: Karl-9/5/1894; Maria-4/28/1896; Ernst-10/10/1898)
+J621326- Ludwig b 3/20/1873
+J621327- Wilhelm b 9/21/1877
J621328- Anna b 1880 d 1880
J621329- Julie b 1880 d 1880

J621321- Heinrich Joder III m Magdalene Vetter d 7/24/1940 Alberweiler
J6213211- Margarete b 3/15/1897 m Lorenz Roth of Offenbach
d 11/11/1947. Lived in Landau.
+J6213212- Heinrich b 2/23/1890 m Margarete Backer of
J6213213- Katharine b 1/22/1899 d 12/23/1936 (child-Kurt-
J6213214- Barbara b 7/20/1892 m d 12/13/1917 Albersweiler
(child- Alwine b 11/19/1917)
J6213215- Elisabeth b 3/5/1895 d 1/5/1927
J6213216- Luise b 2/19/1902 m Josef Herbele of Albersweiler
(children: Erwin-Josef-9/10/1923; Reinheld-8/16/1927; Gertrude-
1/6/1935; Marianne-11/13/1936; George & Detrich (twins)
-2/20/1943) Lived Albersweiler
+J6213217- Wilhelm b 4/26/1904
+J6213218- Karl b 6/21/1905

J6213217- Wilhelm Joder m Emma Kunz d 3/22/1945. Lived Albersweiler.
J62132171- Winfried b 12/12/1936

J6213218- Karl Joder m Magdalene Held. Lived Albersweiler.
J62132181- Roland b 8/5/1934

J621322- David Joder m 3/17/1900 Elisabeth Julch (3/17/1863 Dernbach -11/3/1933
Albersweiler) d 5/20/1929. Lived Albersweiler.
+J6213221- Johann b 4/28/1891
J6213222- Friedrich b 6/17/1900 d 5/9/1943
J6213223- Karl b 12/22/1902
+J6213224- Eugen b 11/29/1905
+J6213225- Emil b 11/21/1909

J6213221- Johann Joder m Barta Tielmann of Neider-Draisbach. Lived Leverkussen-
J62132211- Ruth b 8/24/1919 m Hans Schuller (child-Detlef
4/8/1945) Lived Leverkussen-Kuppersteg.
J62132212- Karlheinz b 12/3/1926
J62132213- Elfriede b 9/2/1921

J6213225- Emil Joder m 7/6/1935 Maria Koch of Godramstein. Lived Queichhambach
on the Trifels- Annweiler.
+J62132251- Fritz b 3/11/1940

J62132251- Fritz Joder m 8/23/1962 Waltraude Joder (daughter of Karl Joder and Paul
Anton of Ludwigshafen) Lived Annweiler-Queichhambach
J621322511- Hans-Jurgen b 1/12/1965
J621322512- Ralf b 8/8/1967

J6213224- Eugen Joder m Anna Simon of Vorderweidenthal. Lived Albersweiler.
J62132241- Heinz b 4/24/1933
J62132242- Erwin b

J621326- Ludwig Joder m Rosa Nagle. Lived Alberweiler.
J6213261- Elisabeth b 1/27/1898 m Robert Hess (Children:
Alfred-9/12/1920; Erwin-3/15/1929)
+J6213262- Ludwig b 12/31/1899 ? 1900?
+J6213263- Karl b 7/2/1904
J6213264- Magdalene b 2/15/1907 m Otto Reisser (Child: Werner-
2/13/1837) Lived Albersweiler
J6213265- Johanna b 5/21/1910 or 1/25/1910 m Ludwig Dachert
of Albersweiler (child- 3/11/1943)
+J6213266- Hermann b 4/5/1912

J6213262- Ludwig Joder m Maria Stengel of Albersweiler.
J62132621- Albert b 1/20/1922
J62132622- Ruth b 8/24/1928
J62132623- Jnge b 4/16/1939

J6213263- Karl Joder m Anna Hahn , Lived Albersweiler.
J62132631- Helmuth b 6/26/1935

J6213266- Hermann Joder m Anna Hahn of Albersweiler.
J62132661- Gertrude b 2/15/1941

J621327- Wilhelm Joder m Anna Schafer
J6213271- Rosa b 10/19/1905 m Heinrich Binder. Lived
Frankfurt on Main
J6213272- Emilie b 3/8/1908 m 9/5/1931 Albert Eyer of
Wilgartsweisen (Children: Edwin-10/18/1931; Edmund-11/23/1936;
Jrmagard-8/23/1941; Dieter- 6/27/1943 d 1943

J62134- Jakob Joder m Katharina Ohlinger. Lived Albersweiler.
J621341- Maria b 1/23/1873 m Michael Nagle of Sielbeldingen
(children: Katharina-6/19/1897; Barbara-7/1/1898;
Franz-9/4/1901; Heinrich- 10/30/1903; Hermann- 11/2/1908; Maria-
1/22/1911; Luise- 2/26/1913; Helene-4/18/1918)
J621342- Babette b 4/16/1874 m 2/27/1947 Karl Miesel
(Children: Karl-August- 7/11/1901; Luise- 10/27/1904)
+J621343- David b 2/15/1876
+J621344- Jakob b 1/7/1878
+J621345- Heinrich b 11/30/1879
J621346- Katharina b 12/13/1883
J621347- Christian b 3/19/1886 (twins who died on the day of
J621348- Susanna b 3/19/1886 their birth with their mother)

J621343- David Joder m Sybille Kleinfelder of Eusserthal. Lived Albersweiler.
J6213431- Helene b 8/31/1906 m Fritz Schwenck (child- Gunther-
4/23/1933) Lived Albersweiler.
+J6213432- Otto b 9/29/1907

J6213432- Otto Joder m Pauline Weidenbach. Lived Albersweiler.
J62134321- Ortwin b 2/4/1937
J62134322- Hans b 7/28/1940
J62134323- ? b ?

J621344- Jakob Joder m Babette Schwall. Lived Albersweiler
J6213441- Julia b 4/7/1911 m Ernst Hieb
+J6213442- Fritz b 5/4/1912 m 12/22/1949 Lotte Stefan in
J6213443- Eduard b 4/9/1914
J6213444- Adolf b 12/17/1915

J621345- Heinrich Joder m 5/21/1904 Luise Ried (Reed) (5/21/1882 Schillingstadt-
Baden - 9/11/1932 Ludwigshafen) (daughher of Johann Ried and Regine Volk) Lived
J6213451- Heinrich b 10/10/1904 m Margarete Keil of Grethen-
+J6213452- Karl b 6/5/1906
J6213453- Erna b 8/17/1907 m 8/21/1929 Karl Holl of
Heidelberg (children: Jlse-12/7/1929; Karlheinz-3/27/1932;
Eugen- 11/8/1934; Elsa- 10/14/1936; Peter- 12/10/1937; Arno-
6/30/1948) Lived Heidelberg-Handschuhsheim.
+J6213454- Willi b 12/10/1908 "gefallen" 1943
+J6213455- Otto b 12/19/1913
+J6213456- Richard b 7/20/1915
J6213457- Elsa-Lina b 8/28/1919 m 3/16/1943 Karlheinz Plaschke
in Duren. (Children: Hildegard-Marion-Else- 9/14/1945;Vera-
Jngeborg- Beatrice -10/17/1960. Lived Girbelsrath,Rheinland.

J6213452- Karl Joder m Paula Anton. Lived Ludwigshafen-Oggersheim.
J62134521- Ursula b 5/24/1940 m Hans-Eric Gluck, lived
Ludwigshafen (children: Gabriele- 7/8/1960; Hans-Eric-3/4/1967)
J62134522- Waltraude b 9/29/1942 m 8/24/1962 Fritz Joder (son
of Emil Joder and Maria Koch) (see J62132251)

J6213454- Willi Joder m Lydia Holl of Heidelberg. Lived Ludwigshafen.
J62134541- Jrmgard b 11/17/1934 m Paul Ritthalter (Child:
J62134542- Ute b 7/25/1940 m Otto Franke (child:
Ralf-Andre- 3/13/1966)

J6213455- Otto-Paul Joder m Martha Mollinger. Lived Ludwigshafen.
J62134551- Dieter b 5/20/1940 (twins)
J62134552- Klaus b 5/20/1940 (twins)
J62134553- Peter b 7/6/1941 m. Waltraud Simon
(father of Bernd Joder - b. 5/30/1963 Father of Angela (19. Mrz 91)
Thomas (06. Juni 99) Ramona (21. Nov 96) Markus (09. Jan 89)
See: )

J6213456- Richard Joder m Marianne Bohmer. Lived Ludwigshafen.
J62134561- Carla b 1/20/1943
J62134562- Gunther b 6/27/1947

J6214- Peter Joder m (per LDS- m 1012/1837 Dernbach) Magdalene Esch from
Dorsterhof by Bitsch in Lothringen. Resided Hotweilerhof by Bitsch.
+J62141- Peter b 1/21/1838 d 10/18/1910
J62142- Katharina b 12/29/1841 m Josef Guth, Miller at
Kirschbacher Mill by Zweibrucken d 12/13/1870
+J62143- Daniel b 1844 d 12/17/1870

J62141- Peter Joder m 1/2/1866 Jacobine Guth from Barenbrunnerhof by Dahn
(daughter of Johann Guth and Barbara Naffziger) d 10/18/1910 Lived Barenbrunnerhof
by Dahn.
+J621411- Emil b 10/10/1866 d 6/4/1939
J621412- Katherina b 6/16/1868 m ___ Eyer. Lived Hagenau-Elsass
J621413- Peter b 10/14/1869 d 1904
J621414- Anna-Maria b 2/16/1872 m Nicolaus Blaser (1/16/1865-
5/17/1937) d 1/14/1927 Lived Bexbach-Saar (Children: Edmund-
7/18/1892; Berta-1/22/1894; Victor- 3/10/1898)
J621415- Magdalene b 7/12/1873 m Heinrich Hauter , Miller (son
of Josef Hauter and Elisabeth Guth) d 7/10/1931 (children:
Lina-6/12/1896; Daniel- 10/22/1897; Erst- 1/13/1902; Albert-
2/5/1900) Lived Hirschbacherhofmuhle by Zweibrucken.
J621416- Daniel b 7/12/1873 d 1873
J621417- Elisabeth b 2/4/1875 m 11/5/1895 Adolf Hauter, Miller
(son of Josef Hauter and Elisabeth Guth) d 6/13/1933 Lived
Kirschbachermuhle by Zweibrucken. (children: Berta-9/12/1897;
Emil- 11/10/1899; Rosa- Mar. 1902; Max- 9/8/1903; Elisabeth-
11/27/1904; Jakobina- 7/24/1907; Willi- 3/3/1918)
J621418- Wilhelmina (Mina) b 10/1/1876 m1 Ernst Weber m2 Georg
Guth d 9/28/1948, Lived Worschweilerhof- Saar
J621419- Jakobine b 5/17/1878 m 4/18/1899 Christian Guth
(11/30/1868 Giesingerhof- ) (son of Johann Guth and Elisabeth
Gingerich) d 9/28/1948 (Children: Albert- 1/7/1900;
Emil-5/13/1901; Ernst-1/12/1903; Hermann-10/17/1907; Lina-
10/12/1909; Erwin-12/10/1911; Erna-5/20/1913) Lived
Worschweilerhof -Saar
J62141a- Berta b 7/7/1882
+J62141b- Johann b 7/7/1882
J62141c- Barbara b 3/15/1884 m Jakob Schertz of Les-Etemps in
Lothringen (child- Otto- )

J621411- Emil Joder (10/10/1866-6/4/1939) m 1891 Marie Ettienne
(1/30/1872- Andelot-haut Marne France- ) Lived Binning-Rohrbach
by Bitsch in Lothringen. (G-gson-Jean Joder, '96)
J6214111- Emilie b 3/28/1894 m Adolf Rauch. Lived Zweibrucken
+J6214112- Lucien b 2/20/1896
+J6214113- Peter b 12/27/1898 m Anna-Marie Martzel
+J6214114- Emil b 12/30/1900
+J6214115- Heinrich b 2/2/1902
+J6214116- Robert b 1/3/1904
J6214117- Josefine b 3/13/1906 m Josef Bleichner (children:
Camille-4/11/1930; Roland- 12/9/1934) Res. Rohrbach
+J6214118- Andreas b 1/9/1908
+J6214119- Oskar b 11/6/1909

J6214112- Lucien Joder m Henriette Charchon , Res. Romcurt-sur Rogent Haut Marne
J62141121- Rene b 6/18/1924
J62141122- Marcelle b 2/10/1926
J62141123- Maurice b 9/25/1927

J6214114- Emil Joder m Rose Lett (11/13/1904 Binning-Rohrbach- ) . Lived Binning-
J62141141- Emmelie b 7/21/1930
J62141142- Josef b 7/21/1931
J62141143- Willi b 8/20/1933
J62141144- Robert b 12/25/1937

J6214115- Heinrich Joder m 6/4/1927 Maria Huppert. Res.Rohrbach-Bitsch
J62141151- Raymond b 4/15/1928
J62141152- Mariette b 8/11/1930
J62141153- Oskar b 10/9/1931
J62141154- Andreas b 3/6/1942

J6214116- Robert Joder m Emmeli Stephanus-Bach. Res. Rohrbach.
J62141161- Paul b ?

J6214118- Andreas Joder m 12/30/1940 Maria Weber in Rohrbach. Lived Rohrbach-
J62141181- Christina b 7/14/1942
J62141182- Marcelle b 7/14/1942
J62141183- Fernand b 7/16/1949

J6214119- Oskar Joder m Mathilde Stephen. Lived Rohrbach by Bitsch.
J62141191- Gilbert b 1/9/1940
J62141192- Emil b 4/4/1946
J62141193- Solange b 4/4/1946

J62141b- Johann Joder m Maria Delore. Lived Hattngny in Lothringen
J62141b1- Gabriel b
J62141b2- Jean b

J62143- Daniel Joder m Katharina Esch (11/11/1844 Schloss Belle-Vue by Rohrbach-
Bitsch-9/5/1892) (daughter of Andreas Esch and Katharine Guth) d 12/17/1870 at
Dorsterhof. Lived Gross-Rederschingen by Bitsch.
J621431- Daniel b 8/2/1868
J621432- Josef-Jean b 9/2/1870

J621432- Francois-Xaver-Josef-Jean Joder m Virginia Marie Josefine Baumann
J6214321- Josef b 3/15/1896 Geisswasser-Alsace. Res Bettlach
J6214322- Josefine b 3/18/1898 " " . m ? (Chilren: Anna-Maria-
2/17/1921; Otilie-Maria- 4/23/1923; Antoine-Josef- 5/10/1926; Andre-Xavier-
12/2/1932; Victor- 9/19/1932)
J6214323- Anna-Maria b 11/11/1899 Geisswasser-Alsace

J623- Heinrich Joder m1 Anna-Maria Seebach (6/28/1778 in
Hinterweidenthal- )(daughter of Mathias Seebach and Anna-Maria Schafer)
m2 Julianne Sofie Hauswirth (per LDS m 7/26/1821) (1793 Wilgartswissen-
d 8/25/1838 Salzwoog.(per LDS-children chr. at Hinterweidenthal Evangl,
some dual chr at Lemberg)
w1 J6231- Elisabeth b 1801 d 9yr 3mo 17 days
J6232- Johann Jakob b 1802 d 10 yr 1 mo 9 days
J6233- Eva-Margarete b 1803 d 5/2/1809
J6234- Georg-Heinrich b 6/7/1806
J6235- Katharina b 8/23/1809 m Heinrich Ziegler
J6236- Elisabeth b 9/21/1812 d young
+J6237- Jakob b 11/2/1814
(?per LDS Jakob Joder and Catherine Ziegler m 11/11/1838 had
son Friedrich chr. Hinterweidenthal 23 Feb 1845, Katharina
chr. 15 Oct 1854)
J6238- Elisabeth b 8/27/1817 d young
+J6239- Friedrich b 2/9/1819 lived Salzwoog-Pfalz
w2 J623a- Elisabeth b 4/8/1822 d young
+J623b- Heinrich b 8/12/1823
J623c- Anna-Maria b 10/8/1824
+J623d- Johann b 4/6/1827
J623e- Elisabeth b 3/8/1831 m (per LDS- 8/26/1849) Heinrich
Ehrgott (children: Jakob-1/11/1851; Katharine- ?; Anna Maria
2/23/1855) Lived Salzwoog.
(Maria Joder d of Heinrich Joder and Anna-Maria Seebach b 1801 m
Heinrich Ziegler)

J6237- Jakob Joder m Saloma Stoss-Stiess of Vinningen d 3/15/1861
+J62371- Christian b 10/11/1859 Salzwoog

J62371- Christian Joder m Eva Schneider of Frankweiler . Lived Mettenbacherhof near
J623711- Elisabeth b 4/4/1884 m 7/1/1907 August Schneider
(12/31/1884 Worms- ) (child- August-) Res. Ludwigshafen
+J623712- Johann b 10/24/1885
+J623713- Lenhard b 4/6/1887

J623712- Johann Joder m Elise Weber. Lived Ludwigshafen.
J6237121- Elisabeth-Eva b 11/21/1919 m Karl Schmitt (Child-
Renate- 9/17/1944)
+J6237122- Otto- Hermann b 4/7/1911

J6237122- Otto- Hermann Joder m Helene Jost. Ludwigshafen.
+J62371221- Werner-Karl b 5/20/1939 Ludwigshafen

J62371221- Werner-Karl Joder m Doris Krag. Ludwigshafen.
J623712211- Stefanie b 4/5/1965
J623712212- Ankele b 7/31/1967

J623713- Lenhard Joder m Sofie Siefert. Res. Ludwigshafen.
+J6237131- Wilhelm b 2/26/1911
J6237132- Erna b 12/13/1912 m 12/5/1936 Jakob Ruger Child-
Wiltrud -7/13/1939

J6237131- Wilhelm Joder m Elfriede Ettel. Res. Ludwigshafen.
J62371311- Jngeborg b 5/14/1939
J62371312- Heidrune b 2/20/1943
J62371313- Ulrike b 9/29/1948

J623b- Heinrich Joder m m 9/16/1847 (per LDS- m 9/26/1847) Anna Maria Ehrgott d
2/5/1847 Lived Salzwoog. (per LDS -children chr. Hinterweidenthal Evangel.)
- (per LDS- Heinrich b chr. 1 Oct 1848
+J623b1- Jakob b 1/11/1851
-( per LDS- Friedrich b chr 22 May 1853)
J623b2- Anna-Marie b (per LDS- chr. 3 Feb 1857)
J623b3- Elisabeth b 9/6/1859 m 4/24/1880 Jakob Wagner of
Ruhbank. d 1/1/1931 (children: Elise-11/7/1883; Otto- 1/27/1888;
Jakob- May 1899. Resided Ruhbank.
J623b4- Karoline b 6/8/1862 m Theodor Martin Lived Pirmasens
J623b5- Philipine b 11/9/1864 m Ludwig Jung of Erlenbrunn.
Resided Erlenbrunn. (Children: Philipine-6/7/1887;
Albert-1/31/1890; Ludwig- 6/2/1892; Ella-4/24/1900;
Emil-6/11/1902; Hedwig- 12/13/1905.
+J623b6- Katharine b 8/27/1868 m Christian Buchmann. Resided
Hinterweidenthal. (Children: Wilhelmine-10/27/1896;
Katharine-4/14/1898; Gustav-2/4/1901; August-12/29/1910)

J623b1- Jakob Joder m 5/21/1874 Anna Maria Ehrgott (daughter of Heinrich Ehrgott
and Elizabeth Joder) d 9/18/1927. Lived Salzwoog.
J623b11- Anna b 10/17/1874 m Friedrich Korb in Gersbach. d
10/14/1947 (children: Friedrich Georg-5/14/1899 d 10/8/1933)
+J623b12- Heinrich b 9/16/1876
J623b13- Katharina b 5/11/1880 m Jakob Leibrook of
Ruppertsweiler. Lived Ruppertsweiler (Children: Jakob-
9/17/1902; Emma-10/19/1913)
J623b14- Elisabeth b 5/7/1883 m 8/13/1905 Heinrich Klan in
Langemuhle (children: Willi-12/25/1910; Heinrich-11/9/1914;
Ella- 6/2/1917) Lived Lemberg by Pirmasens
J623b15- Jakob b 1885
+J623b16- Karl b 9/19/1889

J623b12- Heinrich Joder m 1907 Elisabeth Steinmann. Resided Hinterweidenthal
J623b121- Elisabeth b 4/7/1908 m Adolf Knorr Lived Sprinkelbach
(Children: Hildegard-10/6/1929; Erika-8/4/1936; Horst-3/2/1940)
J623b122- Lina b 3/23/1911

J623b16- Karl Joder m Elisabeth Staffel
J623b161- Wilhelmine b

J623d- Johann Joder m 7/18/1850 Anna-Maria Kettenring (LDS- m at
Hinterweidenthal) of Wilgartswiesen. Lived Salzwoog.
-(per LDS- Katharina chr. 22 Dec 1850)
J623d1- Katharina b 1/11/1852 (per LDS chr. 25 Jan 1852)
-(per LDS Jakob b christened 9 Nov 1854 Hinterweidenthal
Evangelisch- parents identified as above
-- Friedrich b christened 7 Oct 1855
-- Elisabetha b christened 20 Sep 1857,
-- Carolina b christened 5 Mar 1859
-- Heinrich b christened 7 Oct 1860)
+J623d2- Adam b 6/30/1862 (per LDS- chr. 20 Jul 1862)
+J623d3- Anna-Maria b 9/27/1864 m 6/11/1881 Adam Bohl, of
Herschberg (Children: Adolf-10/16/1881; Gustav-4/14/1885; Edwin-
11/4/1890; Alwine- 4/15/1893) (per LDS- chr. 8 Oct 1864)
J623d4- Karl b 1867 went to US (per LDS- chr. 7 Feb 1867)
J623d5- Jakob b 1869 went to US (per LDS- chr. 5 Jun 1869)
J623d6- August b 1870 went to US (" " 20 Jul 1872)
(?1910 Philadelphia,Pa- August Yoder, age 38 b. Gy with fil Max Wunch)
(Pa 1920 census Yoder-- August Yoder = age 47 b. 1872 Germany White Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

J623d2- Adam Joder m 10/29/1885 Karline Disque (2/23/1866- ) (daughter of Jakob
Disque and Margaret Meyer) d 5/20/1917
J623d21- Karoline b 4/16/1888 m Friedrich Fischer. Lived
Kaiserslautern. (Children: Herbert -11/23/1911;
Helmut-9/14/1907; Hertha- 2/3/1910)
J623d22- Emma b 1/10/1890 m Hermann Dietz (child-
J623d23- Elsa b 3/25/1899 m ___ Gross of Langemuhle

J624- Josef Joder m Maria Katherine Germann .
J6241- Josef b 1805 (see "unlink1.doc" family "D")

J7- Caspar Joder m Magdalene Gungerich. Resided Germannshoff by
Weissenburg. (Per Hermann Guth- "lives in Erbesbudesheim in Reinish
Hesse" estate belonging to the Laroche family- renters) Children:
J71- Veronika b ? m Hans Hubscher
J72- Anna-Barbara b m Georg Gungerich
(Per Hermann Guth: Christian Joder/Jotter- son of Caspar Joder and
Magdalene Gungerich)
J73- Christian (per Guth- at Rosenthalerhof, mentioned as an Amish
preacher , moved to Ripperterhof sometime around 1778)

Bekannt ist das er zwei Tochter hatte. Die eine Tochter heiratet M.Hoff aus
Dirmstein-- die andere heiratet Nicolaus bender aus Kirchheim (bolanden)
beide Familien nach USA (Quelle: Staatarchiv Speyer)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sigmund Joder born in Falkwiller in the Alsace. m Katharina Bussinger.
Lived in Falkwiller.
Sigmund b 1824
Antoine b 2/24/1831 d 1902
Katharina b 1839


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