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Hans homestead picture descriptions- photos taken 1990

H-1 - homestead from Pleasantville direction (Rt 73)
H-2 - main house on left , right house housed itinerant workers
H-3 - Fireplace , kettle and kettle crane on ground floor of itinerant house


H-4 - itinerant house 2nd floor , wood lathe
H-5 - rear of main house from direction of the mill. Low small building on
       left is the bake house which is behind itinerant house
H-6 - Flax mill wheel 6 ft by 10 inch thick approx 3500 lbs . Wheel is part of 
       porch floor behind main house.

H-7 left to right , main house , itinerant house , pig stable/blacksmith shop  
       beyond wall.
H-8 Pig stable/ blacksmith shop building
H-9 One of two cold cellars , next to pig stable/blacksmith shop building

H-10 Inside of cold cellar
H-11 Mill building , wood sides are chestnut , which were cut by the
         original vertical saw which had been on the first floor .Present
        mill is tractor powered. Building was also a flax mill , grist mill
        and clover seed mill. Dam breas had been on left end of mill.
H-12 The side of the dam was at the row of trees and extended to the
        road ( telephone pole seen under pine tree on left)

H-13 Mill basement , Marvin Yoder (in hat) , Richard H. Yoder and Stephen
        Kindig in doorway who is a mill restoration specialist.
H-14 Mill basement - pipe from dam which fed original overshoot water
        wheel, this was later replaced by a turbine. There is at least 5 feet of
        debris in this area.
H-15 1sr floor of mill (tractor powered saw mill) , notice two tapered
         cutouts in horizontal beam which held the original vertical saw

H-16 Another view of present saw mill.
H-17 Mill basement , cutout in top floor beam was for the steel track for the
        vertical saw mill.
H-18  Grist mill wheel crane ( laying down) ceiling post plate and floor post
         plate behind crane.

H-19 Richard H. pointing at light spot on beam which was location of the
         ceiling post plate. Crane was located where it could swing over
        grinding wheel for removal and sharpening.
H-20 Wood drum with metal pieces mounted through ceiling of the 1st
        floor of the mill. Stephen Kindig says he never saw anything like it,
         he feels it was part of the clover seed or flaxseed mill.

H-21 2nd floor view of wood drum assembly.
H-22 Blower unit for wood drum assembly.

H-23 2nd floor of mill , misc wood pulleys and wooden enclosure  for
         grist meal wheel.
H-24  3rd floor of mill , tapered wooden pulley and pile of old flax fibers on

H-25 3rd floor of mill , retractable boom with pulleys.
H-26  Recently replace marker by Hans homestead+.